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Feedback I've recieved:

"I think I'm going to throw my Sirius Sattelite Radio into my gear, and once on the line power it through the adapter & a clamshell so I can listen to sattelite radio while I mop-up.

Mike Sherman,
Lassen IHC

This adapter was lightweight, practical, and came in extremely handy at the end of a long day when I had forgotten to turn my phone off and had killed the battery. We all look forward to any downtime at the end of the day when we can give friends or family a call, and this adapter makes that possible.

Boulder Fire Department's Wildfire Team
Boulder, Colorado

I did buy one of your devices and it's awesome to use. (I'm the one who got hurt feedin the dog!!!!) I'm able to work just as xtended dispatch/radio ops/programmer on local fires here in AZ (hence the SCAT agency deal), and it has been very useful to power up my cell phone and other things. I've shown it to others and they do seem very interested in your item, plus the price is excellent!!! Hope to email you again and tell you bout the fire activities here on my rez, plus how your device helps me out on the fireline (well.... that will be next year)!!! See ya.

San Carlos Apache Tribe

This is what made the USA great once. A need,A man,An idea, a passion,and "the will to try".
I am a tool and Die maker and a Mountain rescue member.
I will pass this product info. on to all my brothers and sisters in the SAR field not only because it IS neat but it's sale will go to your folks and all your fellow firefighters.
Keep comming up with ideas.
"A man's reach will always fall short of his abilities, that is what dreams are for."
Keep well.

L.A. Co. Sheriff's San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team