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The Hotshot Phone Charger.
The Toy Hose Roller.

The Toy Hose Clamp

Toy hose clamps are no longer made. Seemed a Great idea, but sales did not support continued production.

I'm keeping this page up as... A historic reference, I suppose.
So you're moppin' up.
You've been in that zone for 3 days, progressivly going in further, hoping to get to that big-assed smoker.. But it's quite difficult running up & down that cliff to add lengths of hose.
300' are out. That stump? 325' from the line. Division was just by & asked The Boss where all that smoke's coming from.
You have ONE more length of hose- So what do you do?
Got to get the job done, right? So.. You put down the end of your hose- with a rock on it so it doesn't get away & kick your ass. Hike up that 300' cliff & turn off the wye. Back down to the end, using the bushes to rappel so you don't die. Take off that nozzle, add another 50', and be sure to put that rock on the end again. Then it's back up that damn hill- turn on the wye.. Back down the hill. So that's two round trips to add a length.
You get back to that nozzle.. And guess what? When the hose charged it knocked the rock off.. So now you've got an angry snake with a pound of brass on the end. Sweet! Get ready to get wet catchin' the damn thing.. If you don't loose some teeth.

That was the old way.

What's the new way?
Whip out your toy hose clamp & shut off the water right there at the end. Put on that length of hose & attach your nozzle. Release the clamp.
No runnin' up & down the hill.. No tryin' to catch the nozzle when you turn it back on.. MOp-up happens faster & you're not as tired at the end of the shift.
Sounds good huh? But... How much does it weigh? Less than a leatherman. I made it as light as I could because I know what it's like to schlep around all kinds of extra crap you *might* need.. You won't notice one of these clamps in your pack, trust me.

Sometime around ... 2003 or so Mike Sherman asked me to make him a "Leatherman sized hose clamp for toy hose." So I thought about it.. And made one. Then I realized it's not like one of the big clamps where you clamp the hose & walk away.. So I made another one. Sent those off to be tested- "They work Great, but are a little heavy.." The guys told me.
Sigh.. So I thought some more- And finally came up with an idea. Round stock is lighter than square, and aluminum is lighter than steel. So I made another prototype... Tested it and while I don't have "Rockstar" pressure here at the house, it is about 60psi.. And I can stop it with 2 fingers holding the clamp. So it looks like i'm there.
A little "make it hard to loose' paint and we have the current version.

I've had a few questions over the years- "Why doesn't it have a locking device on it?" I figured you're clamping the hose right where you're working with it.. But folks want one that locks. So as of October '07 I'm working on it.

Now there's no more hiking over cliff & dale.. It's possible to shut that thing off right where you stand, add a length and turn it back on in under a minute. Very easy.

They are $10.00 each, plus nothing for Priority Mail Shipping (for any number) to any U.S. Address.

All orders shipped within 24 hours of reciept.


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