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Is there a phone number you can be reached at for questions?
I have one phone, and frankly half the time I don't even know where it is. It's not like I'm going to get called to go to some far off place in 2 hours to extinguish a fire or something.. So no, I don't. However I'm usually near 1 or more of my computers, so if you use the send mail form (less personal than a call I know, but..) to ask I will probably get back to you almost immediately.

I am willing to give it a try. Have you tested it to make sure it doesn't damage any devices?

I haven't tested it with everything- That'd be impossible, but depending on the clamshell it puts out either 13.5 or 15 volts. Some take 10 AA's, some have one slot blocked so they only take 9. Car alternators put out 14 volts- Yeah it's a 12 volt system, but when the car's running everything gets 14. *Most* 12 volt devices are built to accept anything from 15 all the way down to 10 or 11 volts. I say "most" because I'm sure there's something out there that wants 12 and only 12 volts... But I've never seen it. My origional intent was to build something that would charge a cell phone in the field. I found out a clamshell puts out 13.5 or 15 volts, so I made it work. I don't think there's a phone made that will blow up if plugged into a clamshell... When the appropriate (for the phone) 'car adapter' is used, but I must admit the possibility is there. Hence the "who wants to test this for me?" testing.

Oh Yes-
I am aware of a CDF Dozer operator who makes a similar device. I developed mine first, and had I not spent 3 years in hospital & getting my life back together, I would have been there first.
Guess what? I'm here now.
There is no more need to send me "sniper in the dark" comments about the "Snap Adaptor". (no name, no email, just "go see this") If you think it's so great, go buy his. It's 25 bucks and available somewhere here. If you want to save ten bucks, buy mine. Sure you could prolly run his over & still use it. But if you're dumb enough to do that to your own gear, I'm not terribly sure I want you playing with something I made.

This country is based on free market competition. It's what makes us who & what we are. If some other "device provider" doesn't like or feels threatened by a product I make, that tells you something doesn't it?

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