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The Hotshot Phone Charger.
The Toy Hose Clamp.

The Toy Hose Roller

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Toy Hose Rollers are $50 each Plus Absolutely Nothing for Priority Mail Shipping.

This idea started in the summer of '00. We'd been rollin' the toy hose by hand.. I was tired of it- 2,000 feet of hose takes a while, you know? Your hands get tired.. A hottie happens to walk by, you forget what you're doing & drop the damn thing... Tedium to no end.
So I started thinking.
I went to the hardware store and started playing with the pipe fittings & simpson strong-ties.. And after a while cobbled the first prototype together.
Well... We broke it almost immediately. So I took that one home, figured out how we broke it, and made another. One more bombproof.. Or so I thought. Well, We just broke that one in a different spot. So I rebuilt it again. Tested it, and after a while we broke it.

After multiple re-engineering I had a design I thought would work. So I sent some out & had them tested.. (back in '03) I think I finally have a bomber hose-roller. 'Least nobody's managed to break one. yet.


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