~Using the Toy Hose Roller~
As of 23:19 2/28/2006 A work in Progress.

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First, double the hose. Lay it out with the ends away from you & find the middle. Be sure to get all the twists out. Then pull that middle over the front of the roller.

Put the handle in the left side of the roller but don't shove it all the way through. Then put one side of the doubled hose through the slit in the 'busioness end' of the roller.

Push the handle through the roller, sliding the hose onto it as you go.

Shove that handle all the way through the roller, making sure it goes into the other side & 'seats'.

If you wish you can control the tension on the roll with your right thumb as you turn the handle & the hose reels in. Do Not apply too much tension as if you do you won't be able to get the handle off & will have to unroll the hose & do it again.

Once you have it rolled- And if you didn't roll it too tight, pull the handle out & a nicely rolled length of hose awaits you.

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