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The Hotshot Phone Charger
12 volt power adapter

Invented by a Hotshot, this adapter allows you to easily recharge your cell phone while in the field.

According to my customers, the Hotshot Phone Charger is easier to use, lighter & less expensive than McCoy's "Snap Adaptor"

The adapters are also available over at The Supply Cache.

1-10, $10 each plus $5 shipping for all.
10+ for $9, also each plus $6.50 shipping.
Shipping for all? Free.

Things you will need to make it work:

Your phone. (Duh! Right? But there's some folks out there that think my adapter does it all...)

Your phone's "charge it in the car" plug.

A battery holder / clamshell from a Bendix King 5100 Series Two-Way Radio- The same hand-held radio used by almost everyone in the Forest Service. (The radio looks like this:)
Specifically battery pack model LAA0139 ~> The only type I ever saw during 8 years of fire service. (it looks like this.)

Enough batteries to fill the clamshell. I've found it's possible to use a "dead" battery pack- After it's no longer able to power a radio, it still contains enough energy to charge a cell phone many times. So don't toss those batteries yet!

Please be aware that due to the way I get my injury benefits from the Federal Government, I cannot make any money from this. So who gets 100% of the money? My parents. Have no worries- I'll see it eventually, but for now it goes directly to them.

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